Monday, June 6, 2011

Houston Photography Class

Two days before we depart: I haven't packed yet. I think I've been looking forward to this trip for so long, that I'm in denial that we are actually leaving soon, or at least that's my excuse. Hopefully I get my act together eventually, or else the rest of this blog will only be about the things I have forgotten. I named this blog "Finding Narnia: New Zealand" because it is a true dream of mine to find this "fictional place" (people have been telling me it's not real, but what do they know?). The Narnia series has defined my childhood, my adolescence, and my adulthood (because I'm an adult, right?). The books have taught me how to love, how to believe, and how to have faith- you may laugh, but I'm seriously not kidding. Even though the Narnia series are "books for children", they have so much more hidden in them that I discover new, enlightening things after each read. Yes, I am going to New Zealand and Fiji, yes I will have a wonderful time, yes my life will change, yes I will find Narnia.

"Aslan was gone. But there was a brightness in the air and on the grass, and a joy in their hearts"
         -The Horse and His Boy

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