Sunday, June 12, 2011

Milford Sound: dolphins, ghosts, majesty

After winding roads on the mountain’s edge, making it feel like we were about to take a plunge down the rocks, we arrived at Milford Sound; one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s kind of hard to describe everything that I saw, considering I convinced myself that I was in a fairytale the whole time, due to the the jaw-dropping, “wow” exclaiming, heart pounding, landscape. 

We took a cruise around Milford Sound; a place filled with majestic waterfalls, baby seals, and of course...dolphins. My second favorite thing about life, besides Narnia, are dolphins. Ever since a young age they have captivated me with their personalities. Aside from humans, they are the smartest mammal and one of the most nurturing towards one another. We were nearing the end of our cruise, all ready to get off of the rocking boat, when I saw fins. I screamed, almost fainted, and nearly peed my pants, but there they were, a whole pod of dolphins. The chances, our captain said, of seeing dolphins in Milford Sound is one in seven, and the chances of it not raining at Milford Sound is one in three. Well, the sky was crystal clear, and dolphins surrounded our boat. Most of my pictures of them are blurry, considering I didn’t know what to do with myself, and also the fact that I was jumping up and down. But out of nearly five-hundred pictures of these dolphins, some came out decent. 

I had to add the picture of the sleeping seal...I want one. Mom, Dad, my birthday is coming up. 

After the cruise, I found Lord of the Rings again. Like, really? Okay I understand Lord of the Rings is fantastic and “The Return of the Kings” is my favorite movie, but where is Narnia? We came across the mountain range where they filmed the different people lighting the beacons to signal a war being started. Yes, I was ecstatic when I saw the mountain range, but I’m seriously ready to see Narnia.

I took a picture of a waterfall, and looking back on it, I do I put this...creeped out. I think I found Lord of the Rings (again), or maybe it’s just a snapshot from middle earth. I honestly think this picture is filled with ghosts, or merely images of ghosts for that matter. The longer you look at it, the most faces of ghosts, or something, appears in the rocks, and in the water. To start, look in the middle bottom of the water fall, there is a full body “ghost” coming out. I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, but this is just eerie. 

Even though I haven’t found Narnia, I am completely speechless of the beauty that New Zealand exudes. If I could, I would type a well-formed paragraph with colons in the right place and commas separating meaningful adjectives, but I just cannot think of a word to describe everything here. The first word that comes to mind is indescribable, but that doesn’t really say anything. Maybe there isn’t a word for a reason, because maybe a single word would not give the landscape the praise that it righteously deserves. 
“There is a God,
and this is the proof,
all around the evidence is speaking the truth.
From the center of my soul, 
to the edge of the universe,
all around the evidence is screaming the truth,
that there is a God.”
        -Casting Crowns

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